Compact Laminate Toilet Partitions
Compact Laminate Toilet Cubicles
Jialifu Toilet Cubicles made of the compact laminate enjoy a good market popularity and have won the favor of clients. We take "customer-centered" as our belief and make our partition tend to forward a higher peak.

The compact laminate panel is made from multiple lauers of great quality kraft paper, resinforced by thermosetting resins under high level of strength to bear with various of power and easily stop from attaching to thetear of coffee stain. The ideal choice of bathroom or washroom that have very high traffic, robust and wet conditions requirement. The wooden bathroom stall is quite popular with people who want to grade their service room. 


* Resistant to impact and scratches; 

* Easy to clean and hygiene; 

* Waterproof, moisture proof, preventing mildew and bacteria growth; 

* Approved by ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, CE, SGS and Intertek; 

* 10 years service life.

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Product Overview

* Standard size: H2800*D1200*W1000mm

* Thickness of panel: 12mm panel

* Edging: round/ square/ L shape

* Style: ceiling hung


Comapct laminate toilet cubicle in ceiling hung style is the most optimum selection with its distinctly strength of nobleness and steadiness to those which great durablity facilities needed. Besides, its design with no head rail and shoe box brings a more elegant imprssion and private space for customers. Here is a standard drawing of ceiling hung style.

Accessories Overview

Other Toilet Partitions of Different Material

Metal Honeycomb Toilet PartitionHPL Honeycomb Toilet PartitionPVC Toilet Partition

Below you can check the feature of different materials for restroom partitions.

MaterialMetal Honeycomb PanelCompact Laminate PanelPVC PanelHPL Honeycomb Panel
Raw Material

Stainless steel surface & aluminum honeycomb core

Kraft paper HPL surface & PVC boardHPL surface & aluminum honeycomb core
Thickness18/25/40mm12mm to 25mm18/27/38/42mm18/28/38mm
Durability20 years10-20 years15-20 years25 years
Clean & maintainEasyEasyEasyEasy
Color fadingNoNoNoNo
DeformationNeverNot easyNever
ApplicationCommercial centre, hotel, officeOffice, school, hotel, hospitalOffice, hotel, hospital, shopping mall5 star hotel, high grade commercial center, office building

Other Styles Option


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