Urinal Partitions
Wood Grain Urinal Partition
The right choice you make of our urinal dividers, the excellent quality we promise. Purchase of resting assure, enjoyment for quality life.

Made from multiple layers of great quality kraft paper, reinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure and temperature. Whatever the bathrooms, changing rooms, washrooms or gymnasiums are, the urinal partition can be applied to all kinds of leisure places or commercial occasions. The attracted appearance and smooth touch take a feel of top grade and elegant. The urinal dividers relatively sanitary of the compact laminate and it is hard for the growth of bacteria, which results from using the environmental friendly high density HPL to make it. 

Besides, the compact laminate panel is durable and hard to be corroded with a certain function of acid-base resistance.

Compact Laminate Features


* Various surface processing and colors

* Easy to install and ease for clean


Standard Size

Urinal partitions with pedestal mounted are recommended to be installed in low traffic places. The support leg might take more time to clean than other divider style. 

Style Option

The urinal dividers, applied to the commercial public places, shows the high grade and taste of the whole room, popular with most people.


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