PVC Toilet Partition
PVC Public Toilet Partition
Classic public toilet partition with head rail braced and universal hinges give you a comfortable toilet environment.

Unlike the other toilet partitions, this kind of grade PVC toilet partition integrates the  advantages of the toilet partition and pvc, popular with people from its launch for the special design and modular price.

Jialifu pvc toilet partition is based on the high grade PVC as core, facing with the hpl laminate and covering the edges with pvc sheet or aluminum alloy, which can enhance the aesthetics and protect the whole partition as well as the users from damage. The hpl laminate facing can make up for the deficiency of the pvc panel in low melting point and the pvc core can make up for the hpl panel in heavy weight and hard remove. It provides a high density but light weight toilet partition with strong performance.



* Impact resistant never out of shape; 

* Easy cleaning and hygiene - you can even wash off graffiti; 

* Convenient for installation and remove for its light weight; 

* Approved by ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE, SGS, Intertek, TUV.

* At least 15 years service life

* Thickness: 18mm, 27mm, 37mm

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Desinged in floor anchored style, makes the PVC toilet partition wall totally a fresh installation, brings a brightness, airiness and commodious impression of indoor cubicle place. The design without head rail highly increase the possibility of decoration and povide ceiling hung zone a sufficient gap. The function of door panel and side panel obtain greatly property of shelter owning to the perfectlt combination between the extended height and coherent. 

Here is a brief drawing with standard parameter for you to refer to.

Toilet Partitions of Different Materials

Style Option

Besides, the quality warrantied toilet cubicles, we also provide the installation guidance to customers. If our customers have something problems on it, we can even provide the field installation guidance for them.


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