Classic public toilet partition with head rail braced and universal hinges give you a comfortable toilet environment.
We made a project for Diamond Twin Tower, providing them 178 sets HPL-GLASS composite board toilet cubicles. The toilet partitions are highly customized.
We made a project for a high grade shopping mall, providing them HPL composite toilet partition with louvered doors for 141 sets. The toilet partitions are highly customized.
Jialifu new developed stainless steel bathroom partitions combining the 304 or 316 stainless steel and hpl laminate with honeycomb panel to improve the overall performances on waterproof, fire resistance and heavy duty protection.
Jialifu High Privacy Bathroom Toilet Partitions is a new type of honeycomb aluminum toilet cubicle applying the high grade panels and advanced technique to create a luxurious but absolutely durable cubicle room.