Toilet Partition Hardware
Coquet Toilet Cubicle Accessories
No matter what the toilet cubicle accessories are required for to match with your room style, Jialifu will try its best to meet all your needs.

The  toilet cubicle accessories  Coquet are applied the high quality of 304 Stainless Steel  which brings you the metal and substancial feeling. Jialifu 

provides  the necessary parts for your convenience. Available in a variety of styles and finishes with the following excellen features:

  • Rust resitance and sturdy enough for anti-vandalism and wear resistance

  • Corrosion resistance and absolutely fire resistance

  • Quality gurantee, extremely durable with extraordinary long term service life

  •  A wonderful choice for public toilet cubicle and shower partition

  • With gentle line, bright luster, fancy apperance and practical function


Lock front

The graph of the Coquet lock front is as the left picture showed,the finishing touches and great care to detail can actually upgraded the whole partition and shows the fancy sheen that won't get scratched.


Lock back

Matching with the lock front, the lock back intends to be concealed that is to say the apperance is so conspicuous. Even so, the lock bact still has its traits. The gliding rotary knob makes it possible to open and close the door quickly but firmly.


T-05 Roman column

Flat and steady roman column whch is handled with round edge embellishes the fluency of the whole toilet. The small but powerful legs for 10cm length can prop up the toilet partition and keep the end of the panels away from the water and shoe kicks.



The hinge holds the door and pilaster together so that one can swing relative to the other. The flexible device makes the door open and closed favorably with the virgin state. The material of stainless can also keeps it off corrosion and tarnish as new .  


Corner fastener

An L-shape metal bracket, often L or scroll shape, also called corner fastener. The arm of which is fixed to the vertical surface like a wall and to bear the weight of a shelf or to reinforce the angle between two parts. Unconspicious but dispensable.


Coat hanger

The toilet partition is equiped with the coat hanger by Jialifu to creat more convenience for users. The curve piece of the coat hanger is made of stainless steel to make sure the hanger can bear the heavy cloths and articles.


Head rail

The headrail, connected with the wall, to hide the apex of the pilasters or side panels. The cross-bar attach each partitions to be an integral one. The collocation of the lock front and supporting leg boost the aesthetics in certain extents.