Nursery Toilet Cubicles
School Privacy Dividers
The toilet stalls for kids and school privacy dividers made by Jialifu can be flexible and reliable of the quality. If you know the room dimensions, contact us or drawing for a full quote and specification.

Made from multiple layers of premium quality kraft paper, resinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure and tempertarue.

The solid phenolic compact laminate enables the toilet stalls to withstand the strong impact and protect the safety of the kids, the customized height of the nursery cubicle door also allows people to male a arrangement for children in different ages.

The idea choice for washroom and changing room that have very high traffic, robust and wet conditions.


* Kick-proof panels are resistant to vandalism

* Low-height doors for trachers to supervise children

* Easy to install, clean and maintain

* Available in an array of attractive primary color finishes

* Up to 20 years services life

* Waterproof panels to prevent mildew and vacteria growth


* Standard size: H1950*D1200*W800mm

* Door: W600*1200mm

* Panels: 12mm thick

* Edging: square & L shape


Floor Plan

The stall doors can be shaped or colored in any shape you want. A bright color with pictures privacy dividers would be better for a kindergarden. The edge of panels are in round shape for preventing the potential dangerous from kids. 

Other School Privacy Dividers

Many schools will choose this school privacy dividers for kids because of its distinctive pattern and the school can print their logo on it to create an unique partition room of a school. 


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