Customized Toilet Partition
Jialifu HPL-GLASS Composite Board Toilet Cubicle
We made a project for Diamond Twin Tower, providing them 178 sets HPL-GLASS composite board toilet cubicles. The toilet partitions are highly customized.

The project we made for Diamond Twin Tower is HPL-GLASS composite board toilet cubicles. The main material is made in compact laminate and glass.  HPL cover making the panel waterproof and moisture proof, could suits the environment of toilet partitions well and the glass reflecting elegance of the tower.


soft pink and white


tempering glass, HPL board


316 Stainless steel & aluminum profile


H1985(including 150mm supporting leg)*D1320*W(700~800)mm


178 sets


* Water-proof & Heat-proof

* Highly customized

* Easy to lean and maintain

* 10-15 years lifespan


Design Style

Toilet partition can be designed in multiple styles while not changing the design of each cubicle doors.


partition style


Toilet partition in solid color with proper decoration will leave a modern impression. Wood grain color and marble color will make people feel classic and it would be better used to decorate as luxury and noble. 



Customized Cubicle     


      Diamond Twin Tower is the latest and greatest mixed-use mega tower in Phnom Phenh, located on the banks of     the Mekong River in Phnom Penh Hottest Growth Corridor: Diamond Island (Koh Pich).


      We are glad to win the contract to provide toilet cubicles to Diamond Twin Towers. The toilet cubicles are made 

   by JIALIFU HPL-GLASS composite board with 316 stainless steel accessories.


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