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Jumpland Trampoline Park, France
Jump Land Trampoline is an activity park for family. You probably never been to a jump land, but you must know trampoline. It is a new kind of amusement sports good for both kids and adults.
Aquaterra Wellness & Spa, Moldova
Aquaterra Wellness & Spa is the first and sole fitness club in the Republic of Moldova perfectly fitting the wellness philosophy, including the concept of a healthy lifestyle based on maintaining people’s physical and mental health.
KULLEG SAN BENEDITTU - KIRKOP the first school in Malta to offer education to both Junior Lyceum, Area Secondary and Foundation students at all the five levels of compulsory secondary schooling, The school is one of thirteen schools, both primary and secondary, forming Kulleġġ San Benedittu. Jialifu took the great honor to service for them and provided our school toilet cubicles for their students.
Asker Treningssenter
Asker Treningssenter, is renowned as the best gym in Asker, Norway. During this facility refurbishment project, our experienced design team worked with the contractor for hours and hours, to figure out the best cubicle system solution that fit throughout the gym.
Doener Kebab Restaurants
Doener Kebab, a kind of Turkish fast-food, is claimed too taste to be true. Numerous Doener Kebab Restaurants opened throughout Europe, and more branches are opening soon in Asia. So when JIALIFU was chosen to provide the tables and toilet cubicles, we understood that we must provide the best.