Commercial Toilet Cubicles
Commercial Washroom Cubicles
Special design of the commercial washroom cubicles come from the CN toilet cubicles manufacturers JIALIFU, hammering at suppling the thorough toilet cubicles for customers.

Compact laminate panels are made from multiple layers of great quality kraft paper, reinforced by thermosetting resins under high pressure and temperature.This produces tough, high density, totally waterproof and hygienic panels that have a high level of strength with the grade 304 stainless steel commercial washrooms.This visually-striking and unique installation combines the practicability with aesthetic to match with your ceiling. Available in a thickness option from 12mm-25mm.


* Impact resistant are also resistant to vandalism

* Hanging mounted style, hard to deform

* Easy to cleam and easy to maintain

* Multiple colors available

* Up to 20 years servie life woth 5 years warranty

* Waterproof, high abrasion resistant and fire retardant

Product Overview

* Standard size: H1950*D1500*W900mm

* Door: W600*H1720mm

* Panel: 12-25mm HPL panel

* Fitting: 304 stainless steel


Type Option

The idea of the commercial washroom cubicles come from the professional toilet cubicles manufacturers which can make an unique design matching with your high grade ceiling.


The project for the Radisson Hotel, Dhaka is one of our toilet partitions projects in Bangladesh. We Jialifu felt great honor to provide our toilet partitions for the hotel. Besides, we have many cases around the world, you can contact us for more cases.

Jialifu toilet cubicles have been accepected by people around the world and there are many projects about Jialifu toilet cubicles.

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