Commercial Toilet Cubicles
LED Light Indicator System Toilet Partitions
New style of toilet partitions, adding Led light at pilaster. Intelligent toilet cubicle is always what we want to do. The light can also be install at the top rail as you like.

Jialifu Led light toilet cubicle partitions with advantages of water, fire, moisture, impact resistance is popular in nowaday.

The Led light only 24v, that means it is safe for use, no need to worry about hurting people. What’s more, all the wires are hidden in the pilaster, which is both simple and full of technology, leading the toilet cubicle to intelligent.

The light have four color, but you can only choose two. When there is someone in toilet, it become red, while nobody: lights off, green, blue or white.

You can also choose installing the LED light at the top rail as you like.

Top Rail LED light toilet partition

top rail led light toilet partitions


HPL board or HPL honeycomb board


* Water-proof & Heat-proof

* Highly customized

* Easy to lean and maintain

* 15-20 years lifespan


Design Style

Toilet partition can be designed in multiple styles while not changing the design of each cubicle doors.


partition style


Toilet partition in solid color with proper decoration will leave a modern impression. Wood grain color and marble color will make people feel classic and it would be better used to decorate as luxury and noble. 



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