Urinal Partitions
HPL Honeycomb board urinal partitions
HPL composite board urinal partition. Aluminum honeycomb have light weight and recyclable.

Made from multiple layers of great quality kraft paper and aluminum honeycomb core, 27mm.

The unique  design can bring the different feelings to people. It is fitting in stalling in high grade shopping mall, airport, high grade offices etc. The round corner urinal partition can well prevent from hurt. Furthermore we also accept pattern customization, and the urinal divider bracket style is changeable if you would replace the original, no matter what is your ideal, as long as you want it to be, we can turn it into reality!

HPL Honeycomb Features


* Water proof, moisture proof and fore mol proof; 

* Resistant to abrasion, scratches and impact; 

* Fire proof, heat proof and cigarette burns proof; 

* Easy to clean and easy to clean. 


Urinal partitions with wall mounted is free to suit most of the restroom environment. The accessories need are only 4 to 6 corner fasteners (L brackets). Here is a drawing for standard size of 600*900mm. The edge of urinal partition can be cut into round, suqare or any shape as you wish. 

Wall Mounted StyleWall Mounted Style

Style Option

The style of urinal partitions with pedestal mounted gives a more privacy impression for users. But it would be better to be used in those area with low traffic.

Pesdetal Mounted StylePesdetal Mounted StylePesdetal Mounted Style


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