Nursery Toilet Cubicles
Kids Toilet Cubicles
Whether searching for kids toilet cubicles or nursery toilet cubicles in a high end executive bathroom, we have the toilet cubicles you need. The cubicle doors can even be screen printed with a design of your choice or from our carefully checking stock

The kids toilet cubicles comes in a diversity of vivid colours to make the restroom more funny and relaxing, and these colours can be also designed to matched with whole style of the washroom and creat a consistent and colourful environment.The range of our children's cubicles greatly fit in the different age range of the schools and nerseries.

Compact Laminate Features


* Imact resistant panels; 

* Low-height doors for teachers to supervise children; 

* Easy to clean and maintain; 

* Available in an array of attractive primary color finishes; 

* Up to 20 years service life with 2 years warranty; 

* No afraid of the vivid colors and patterns fading out



Kids Toilet Cubicle Drawing


Accessories for Kids Toilet Cubile

These accessories are mode by 304 stainless steel, they get a long service life of the toilet cubicles. 

The colorful kids toilet cubicles and nursery toilet cubicles are widely use in kindergartens and primary schools for their lovely outer look and shapes, making the kids love them. 

Kids Toilet Cubicle Cases

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Not only kids toilet cubicles,Jialifu can provide any others types toilet cubicles for commercial center, school and office. Our past projects may contain a grain of truth for you to refer to, click the button below to view more projects.

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